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It was time for a fresh, clean look to this website. So, I decided it was fine time to do a website remodeling job. Unfortunately, it takes second seat to any client work I have, so it’s being done in my spare time. However, stay posted for new content, design, and functionality like never seen […]

The clock continues to tick, tick, tick. I cannot help but feel that I have somehow been in this place before. We commonly accept that we have muscle memory; instinctual muscular actions that have been primed from countless repetitions and habitual responses. Walking through the door, my mind shifts to moments of the past. If […]

One of the ideas I’ve come most to respect is that good things tend to have a high cost. This cost isn’t necessarily related to money; the most majestic views are granted to those who have climbed the mountain. It’s been a few weeks since my last hike, but the last one had a view […]

One of the things I’m learning about being in a city without any of my closest friends or family nearby, is that many moments that long to be shared with these people are left hanging in newly-realized solitude. No high five to clap. No chests to bump. No affirmation for accomplishment. Unfortunately, I am coming […]

There was something my grandfather wrote, concerning his father, that really stood out to me. While I may not be quoting him properly, I’ll do my best. He stated that he didn’t think often of his father, but when he did, he remembered him as being a tall and strong man who commanded respect. And, […]

Of all the topics I enjoy writing about, heroes remain one of my personal favorites. Rather than push the ideas of heroes away with the rest of childhood toys, it’s an idea that just won’t seem to die. In fact, it seems as if it’s more active in adulthood than it is in childhood; when […]

I’ll do my best to keep this one pleasant. These past few days have been fairly stressful, which is only exacerbated by the fact that the next five days of my life will include little-to-no sleep. Overall, the fact that I’m able to push through several such days at a time and coast through the […]

Originally, I had written another blog in this space. [un]Fortunately, I decided to replace it with something else that may include more value than the thoughts I spit out. Sometimes I write simply to get something off my mind, without anything really substantial to say. It’s always better to stay on-point and be focussed on […]

It’s been said that deep thinkers are simply those who devote enough time to the practice; modern-day philosophers aren’t those who are born capable of asking “why?” but those who choose to do it. While there are always parts of my life that I’d change if it were possible, one of the things I cannot […]

Were I to give this blog a standard title, it would sound something like this: “Why I Support Online Privacy Invasion”. Of course, that’d be assuming that I use regular titles. A recent slew of online blogs chronicled the release of Google’s “Me on the Web” tool; an online reputation management tool that uses all […]

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