“Art is the silent echo of the unspeakable, the canvas where emotions find color, and the space where the invisible becomes visible.”

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My journey as an artist

As a child, I took my share of art classes. However, I never spent much time creating artwork as I grew older. At one point in my life, I thought "artists should get a 'real' job".

Then, I got fired from a job. On my walk home, I noticed Blick (Portland) had a sale on canvas and paint. That month, I dumped my bank account into the store and started to paint, with a new perspective as a human being.

I realized art is about painting what you feel; a window into your soul.

Soon, I discovered digital art, and an entire new dimension opened up to me; I found my medium. With digital art, I could do things I never dreamed possible with traditional paint and canvas, and I was hooked.

Below is a hand-picked selection of some of my favorite pieces, each which is printed on a unique acrylic medium for a look that will elevate your space.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life.