“Sanctuary” is an exploration of refuge and peace amidst the vibrant chaos of existence. In this piece, the interplay of light and dark creates a haven within the canvas, where bold strokes of yellow and gentle arcs of white suggest a sacred space of illumination and purity. The deep blues and rich blacks provide a protective boundary, a contrast to the bright, hopeful colors that seem to emanate their own source of light. This is a visual symphony of solace, a place where the soul can bask in the quiet glow of tranquility. Through “Sanctuary,” I aim to offer a moment of respite, a place where the viewer can retreat and find a sense of calm within the storm of life.

My artwork takes on a new dimension with these 24×36 inch acrylic pieces, designed to mimic the lucidity of glass. Each piece is a deep dive into the vivid world I’ve created, printed beneath the surface of a sturdy quarter-inch acrylic for a lifelike depth. They’re engineered to float gracefully 1.5 inches from the wall, bringing a dynamic presence into any room. With the craftsmanship rooted in the USA, these pieces are not just art; they’re a statement—a fusion of my creative passion and the exquisite medium that elevates it.

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