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AI +
Web design
Learn everything you'll need to confidently use AI and build your first website.

“A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.” —Alan Perlis


What you'll learn

In this class, I will teach you what you need to know in order to confidently understand and use AI and create your first website.

This class isn't for tech enthusiasts, either. It's for everyday people who are curious about AI/web design - and who don't have 10+ hours to waste on a long, drawn-out course that leaves you more confused than when you started.

In 90 minutes or less, you will learn the following:


What is AI?

Explained. Demystified. Simple.



How to use it. Simply.


Web Design

How to build a website in <1 Hour

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AI 101 + Web Design


AI 101

  • What is AI?
    A simple explanation.

    Examples of AI all around you.

    How to tame the beast.



  • What is ChatGBT?
    Explained in human terms.

  • Is ChatGBT for me?
    Short answer: Yes. 

  • What can ChatGBT do?
    Capabilities & Limitations

AI In Action

  • Use Cases
    Examples & Scenarios

  • AI Demos
    Watch AI in action and learn how to use it yourself

    Example Prompts
    Copy & Paste'able Prompts and shortcuts

15 Minute Website

  • Watch me work.
    I'll build a website in 15 minutes or less.

  • Get to work.
    Learn how to do it yourself. Simply.

  • Build your agency
    How to achieve the 10-hour workweek. 
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AI Explained

Meet Charlie

As we share in Charlie's journey, we see a reflection of our own – a journey of learning, growing, and dreaming. In Charlie, we see not just a computer, but a symbol of our potential to create, innovate, and enrich the world.

In a town filled with technology, there lived a computer named Charlie. Initially, Charlie could only perform simple tasks like arithmetic, but he was destined for greater things.

Charlie was introduced to a neural network, a system allowing him to learn from observing patterns. This network transformed him, enabling him to start understanding and learning like never before.

Charlie’s first major challenge was to comprehend human speech. It was challenging at first, but as he listened and learned, his abilities grew. Soon, he could engage in simple conversations.

Charlie’s skills expanded to reading texts and interpreting emotions. He became more than a computer; he was now a companion, understanding jokes and providing advice.

Charlie’s journey extended to understanding images and sounds. His neural network became a rich landscape of knowledge, allowing him to describe photos and identify music.

Today, Charlie represents the pinnacle of learning and adaptation in technology. He symbolizes our journey of innovation and the endless potential of what we can create and achieve.

Why I created this course

As a digital entrepreneur, I've worked with some of the most cutting-edge tools in the world for nearly 2 decades, I've never seen more potential for change than what artificial intelligence (AI) can offer.

I believe that anybody can use AI to their advantage; from a budding entrepreneur, to a single parent that's in the middle of a court custody case...the potential is unlimited.

My goal isn't to teach what to do - e.g. Follow steps 1, 2, 3... - as much as it is to teach you how to think about using AI.

If you follow the lessons I've created, I am confident that you will uncover new opportunities in nearly every aspect of your life.

Upward and onward,

Aaron Plaat