“Dawn” is a visual awakening, a burst of color and motion that heralds the promise of a new day. The artwork is alive with the fluid grace of morning light, as warm yellows, vibrant oranges, and gentle whites cascade across the canvas, cutting through the remnants of night’s shadow. This piece captures the ephemeral beauty of sunrise, a daily renaissance that speaks of hope, renewal, and the unstoppable cycle of life. Through “Dawn,” I aim to express the energy of beginnings, the fresh start that each sunrise brings, and the endless possibilities hidden in the birth of a day.

My artwork takes on a new dimension with these 24×36 inch acrylic pieces, designed to mimic the lucidity of glass. Each piece is a deep dive into the vivid world I’ve created, printed beneath the surface of a sturdy quarter-inch acrylic for a lifelike depth. They’re engineered to float gracefully 1.5 inches from the wall, bringing a dynamic presence into any room. With the craftsmanship rooted in the USA, these pieces are not just art; they’re a statement—a fusion of my creative passion and the exquisite medium that elevates it.

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