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This recent trip to Columbus has proven to be quite the eye-opener for me, even if it’s only internal. I have a very difficult time explaining the feeling of experiencing identical situations and actions with a completely different life situation at my fingertips. Same sauna, different day. Same cup of coffee, different mindset. It’s inexplicable, to say the least.

Sitting here, at my usual perch in Columbus (Lennox Cup O’ Joe fireplace couch) I’m reminded of the many situations that have been absolutely wonderful, disastrous, and memorable. I’ve had many business meetings, personal meltdowns, and casual dates at this spot. However, today things are quite different. Walking in the door, the barista mentioned “I thought you moved” as he walked around the corner with my cup of coffee that I had yet to order. He remembered. That, my friend, feels excellent. In all seriousness, however, there are a lot of things that have been on my mind as I’ve taken a bit of a work pause to regroup and plan my next phase of client work in Los Angeles.

Someday, if my kids ever read this, which would require me to either A.) Have children. Or B.) Cars become smart enough to read. I’m not sure which is more probable…Regardless, I hope they will be able to pick apart some strand of wisdom and life lessons from observing the years of life experience that I have compacted into these blogs. I’m reminded of the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” where the main character is writing his daughter a letter for her birthday, stating: “I hope you do things, see things that startle you…” the scene fades away as he is trekking through India on a motorcycle.

This is where a great dilemma comes into my mind. While I do not believe in comparing/contrasting our lives to that of our peers, nor dictating to others what they should do, is it overbearing to hope, wish, and pray that I may someday find somebody who shares this thirst to do something that makes them uncomfortable? The real dilemma comes as I wonder whether or not it is even proper to share the lessons that life has taught through very, very rough lessons. There’s an instinctual nature to protect others, yet I know that each of us has to earn our stripes and personal red badge of courage.

What I have been learning, especially since being here at my home-away-from-home, is that everybody has their own path. The lessons that apply for one individual may not necessarily apply or be relevant to another; I long to be in a MMA fight for a plethora of reasons. This may not be the desire of another individuals’ heart. But yet, I wonder…is it not their desire, or is it because they have yet to discover the perks that can come through these “life arenas”? It is a question I cannot answer, nor is it my place. Our path is ours to tread. Alone.

While there’s something to be said for living life and traveling its’ path with others around you, or one other individual, I’m uncertain whether or not it’s appropriate that these two paths merge into one. Sure, there’s the whole “two become one” ideology behind marriage. However, it’s the things that make us who we are that must be kept, maintained, and developed — not necessarily with the help and assistance of those around us. This has been something I’ve chewed on for quite some time. “If you want to know how to become dangerous, it’s when you learn to enjoy your suffering.” Perhaps it’s true, perhaps not. I’m open to being wrong if it ultimately leads to being correct.

Sitting in the sauna, a perfect opportunity arose to stop and meditate; having a moment of conversation/prayer between created and Creator. It immediately became aware of the vast number of things that I have to be thankful for. Even in the sauna, I could think of countless times where life went through various stages of its’ roller coaster-like tendencies. There have been so many situations that seemed to have great significance at the time, only to now appear as past-memories that can be quickly summarized with but a small thought.

I now question what it is that these next few months will bring. What lessons will be learned as life appears to be stepping me into a new position/ability? It is truly overwhelming to think about. And I’ve learned the best way to experience life is to take it one day at a time.

Gratitude overwhelms. Thank you, G-d.

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