Break Off

We live in a world where it’s somewhat difficult to identify what it means to be a man. However, one of the most pathetic forms of life on this earth is the individual who feels the need to physically beat a woman in order to feel like a man – or simply the one who beats a woman, regardless of his ‘reason’ for doing so. No reason is acceptable. Period.

Recently, I received a message from a friend who shared with me that she had been the victim of a physically abusive ex-boyfriend. While I’m not a violent individual by nature, few things make my blood boil more than abusive males (I refuse to refer to these imbeciles as “men”). What makes my blood boil even more than hearing about these abuse situations, is when it happens to deal with somebody near and dear to my heart. This has happened twice.

While I am aware we have police officers to enforce the law, I cannot help but wonder what goes through the mind of a police officer as they are carting away the individual responsible for beating a woman senseless. No jail sentence seems fitting enough for this morally-decrepit individual. No courtroom seems fitting enough to give ‘justice’ to the woman who has been brutally raped, beaten, and left for dead. No jail cell is cold enough for the person who kills their children in cold blood.

Perhaps this is a harsh blog to write. However, I’m deeply grieved and affected by these recent chain of events. My heart hurts for this individual who was the recipient of this domestic violence, while my blood boils agains the person who committed it.

In the bible, we are told to “turn the other cheek” but I believe we must first have a cheek before we are able to turn it.

Were I to witness such an act, I do not believe that my conscience would allow me to simply turn away, or dial the police and await their arrival. Any physical injury sustained from preventing an act like this would be a happy substitute against the lifelong scar that is borne those who simply turn a blind eye to these acts of violence.

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