Every time I open up the blogging app on my iPad, I’m reminded of a previous blog I wrote where I stated “Dr. Seuss remains one of my favorite authors…” and it always provokes some memory of a phrase or picture he drew in one of his books. One of the things I’d like to do, at some point this year, is purchase the entire library collection of Dr. Seuss. That one may be a bit more affordable than my dream of owning the entire DK educational collection…

Last night, we discussed what it means to be afraid and how to conquer the fear that introduces itself in our lives. Whether we like it or not, fear cannot exist without our permission. I believe there’s a bit difference between fear that produces respect, and fear that brings on terror. Healthy fear can provoke greatness, while unhealthy fear prevents one from realizing their fullest potential.

Gentlemen, I have some measures of unhealthy fear in my life. Command the demons to leave and shout “Hallelujah” please. If only it were that easy…

However, that conversation is for another time when I’ve had something other than coffee in my mug.

After taking a good look at who I am becoming as a person, it was essential that I be brutally honest with myself and realize that I’m notn taking great advances forward in terms of becoming who I want to be. While my website business is going quite well, it’s not advancing me forward as a successful entrepreneur in the way I’d like to move forward. There are certainly things I’m doing that will progress this dream. However, it’s a humble realization that our character, integrity, and purpose in life cannot be bought with a dollar sign, or faked with an image. Harsh realizations, friend.

Back to the grind.

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