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Earlier this afternoon, I chatted with my older brother about a heavy topic; politics. He went on a very long rant about his perspective of the world, our government, other governments, capitalism and even on the ever-changing economy we now live in. There was one thing I noticed during our conversation; he was angry. Something […]

Well, I did it. I published another book. Priceless: Life is a Masterpiece, is now available as a hardcover book on Amazon. There’s an interesting back-story to this book, which is composed of stories from my childhood, narrated in the format of being on a first date. The back-story is that I wrote this book […]

There’s a saying that ‘home is where the heart is’ and I’ve often thought about this saying while traveling the world. No matter where I found myself, I always seemed to feel a sense of being at home, because I felt love in my heart. At the same time, I felt a sense of homelessness […]

What does it mean to be blessed? That’s a great question, and one that various schools of thought (and ideology) have different interpretations on these days. To some, being blessed is largely centered around financial prosperity. I don’t buy this idea. It’s like thinking that having a ‘good’ diet is having a fridge full of […]

Conversion happens in a lot of different ways. Oftentimes, conversion is associated with somebody finding their way in (or out of) a faith practice, such as Christianity. In my life, I’ve seen a noticeable trend of improvement in the quality of life that people experience when they convert to a faith. Why? Because replacing a […]

This afternoon, I sat down and shared lunch with somebody at one of my favorite restaurants in Lewisville. Hungry for ambition, they were admittedly money-hungry, and asked a lot of great questions about my journey through self-employment. In many ways, I understood their goals, while persistently asking them to try and view their life through […]

For most of my 20’s and early 20’s, I had a relatively fast-paced life. I lived in a handful of major US cities, traveled frequently and spent my time soaking in a variety of people, places and cultures that were different than the rest. Those times were an education, although not the kind you’d get […]

Alfred Nobel was a man whose namesake we now attribute to the Nobel prize, which is composed of five separate prizes that are awardees annually to “those who, during the preceding year, have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind.” Nobel was the inventor of something many of us are quite familiar with; dynamite. As a […]

One of the things I’ve learned is most difficult in life is having to sit with yourself, by yourself. It’s hard, because when you’re alone to yourself and your thoughts, you’re left with the burden of being critically honest with yourself about your current state, and those reflections don’t always come easily. I recently had […]

Over three years ago, I was scrolling through a crypto group on a [unnamed] social network, and I found a post that stood out to me. It was posted by a man in Georgia, and he wrote: “I’m writing this from prison and have X amount to invest but know nothing about crypto. Where do […]

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