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It seems like a long time ago – as well as yesterday morning – that I was getting my home ready for Atlas and making a small pile of gifts for him to discover when he walked in the door. As I was arranging his pile of presents, I noticed the eagerness I felt in […]

A few years ago, I learned an important lesson about emotion; some days feel better than others, while other days feel worse – for no apparent reason. Some days, I wake up and feel on top of the world, while other days feel like it’s crushing me. Navigating these up’s and down’s requires that you […]

I have an admittedly love-hate relationship with the author Donald Miller. On one hand, I love him because he was one of the key sources of inspiration for my own writing/published books. On the other, I’ve grown to really loathe his writing style as I’ve gotten older and have realized it’s ok to be critical […]

One of the very last things written by Leonardo Da Vinci was a small, handwritten note which read: “We should not desire the impossible.” Da Vinci was [also] left-handed, and he wrote backwards, from right to left, in order to prevent his hand from smearing the still-drying ink as he wrote. Unlike his other diary […]

If you’re familiar with the ‘spiritual’ community, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Release things that no longer serve you.” If you’re somebody that finds a sense of purpose in serving others, this phrase might cause some initial offense to you – or, be a difficult pill for you to swallow. Life is a complex game […]

There’s a saying in the Bible that says “Make the most of your time, for the days are evil.” I’ve been thinking about this verse a lot, lately. When I think about time, I realize it’s one of the greatest gifts we have, and how we choose to spend the moments we have has a […]

Earlier this week, I sat down with Atlas at a local donut shop and had a ‘Dad date’ with him, over a cup of coffee and two donuts. He chowed down on an Elmo donut, and I had my favorite donut; an apple fritter. While we were sitting and talking, I looked over at the […]

One of the things I’ve learned this year is that it’s possible to live the life you’ve dreamed of – with a big, huge asterisk next to ‘possible’. Perspective counts for an awful lot in life. When you’re on the 100th floor of a skyscraper, it makes a huge difference if you’re standing inside the […]

Earlier this afternoon, I chatted with my older brother about a heavy topic; politics. He went on a very long rant about his perspective of the world, our government, other governments, capitalism and even on the ever-changing economy we now live in. There was one thing I noticed during our conversation; he was angry. Something […]

Well, I did it. I published another book. Priceless: Life is a Masterpiece, is now available as a hardcover book on Amazon. There’s an interesting back-story to this book, which is composed of stories from my childhood, narrated in the format of being on a first date. The back-story is that I wrote this book […]

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