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Years ago, I read a quote that’s resonated deeply with me since I read it: “A rigid sense of identity is a sure block for flow.” I’ve been a lot of things in my life as I’ve navigated each chapter it has presented me with. In each of these chapters, I found myself fully immersed […]

If any of you have lived long enough, it’s likely that you’ve engaged in some sort of debate with somebody that’s unreasonable. I don’t think that having a heated point of view makes somebody unreasonable, as much as somebody who is unwilling to change their position even when presented with solid facts that counter it. […]

For years, I’ve heard the debate against those who believe in absolute truth, which has sought to make their position somehow seem totalitarian or hateful when it conflicts with the viewpoints of those who believe truth somehow has a gradient. There are some fundamental truths in our world that cannot be denied, no matter how […]

Years ago, I heard an acronym for ‘faith’ defined as “Full Assurance In The Heart” and it’s been one of my favorite ways to view the idea of faith. Full assurance. It’s like jumping into the middle of a swimming pool with full assurance that it’s full of water that will catch you when you […]

For over a decade, I’ve coined the phrase “I’m interested in being correct. If it takes being wrong to get there – so be it.” I think that mentality is really the only way that you can ever discover the truth, given that you aren’t inherently born with a clear-cut truth. Rather, it’s a pursuit […]

I recently started reading a book called “Get Your Shit Together” which was a suggestion from my older sister. Given that the book is nearly 40% profanity/vulgar words, I’m surprised she recommended it – let alone, read it. Yet, the book has had a few golden nuggets of wisdom that I have stated to apply […]

One of the bigger issues facing people today that’s not common to talk about openly, is imposter syndrome. For the unaware, imposter syndrome is the feeling that you are somehow an imposter in life or your profession; unqualified to do the job you’ve been tasked with and afraid you’ll someday be discovered as a fraud. […]

In The Passion of the Christ Pontius Pilate has a line that I remember to this day: Quid est veritas? Said in English, it translates to “What is truth?”, a question he asked while in deep reflection about the decision to make concerning the life of Jesus. As a man who asked this question, I […]

In Proverbs (27:17) there’s a phrase that says “Iron sharpens iron” and I think there’s a tremendous amount of wisdom to be taken from this verse, especially if you’re interested in making yourself a better person each day. One of my challenges in the last few years has been in developing a full social life. […]

I was driving on the road and noticed a familiar scent coming through my air vents. You’ve probably smelled it before, yourself. I didn’t need to look for a small black and white animal to know that it was a skunk, which had emitted its odor for the world to smell. As I drove further […]

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