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In light of the fact that life never slows down as we grow older, I’m realizing it tends to be grouped together in chapter-book format as we look back on past memories. After seeing many of these memories come together in a unique storybook format, it leads me to wonder what the next few chapters […]

My younger brother, Mark, once proclaimed – as a child, mind you – “I’m invincible. There’s nothing you can do to hurt me.” and he went on to explain his statement; immune from insults, unafraid of death, and not worried about injury, he truly was/is invincible. Looking at his character, it’s hard to not be […]

On my trip from Ohio to California, I’ll have to admit that I did a rather bad thing. Perhaps it wasn’t the brightest thing in the world, but it seemed like a terrific idea at the time. While driving on the highway, I noticed a billboard that stated “When you die, you’re going to meet […]

After a successful trip from Ohio to California, I can’t help but feel a bit refreshed, recharged, and ready to hit work harder than ever. Being that it was a cross country road trip, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not there would be any type of ‘spiritual experience’ that would happen, given the […]

Perspective is everything. Perception is reality. And sometimes the reality you are in is not perfect. That being said, you must ask yourself whether or not it is possible to position yourself to a new reality worth living in. If you don’t like the way your life is going, it can be the scariest (or […]

“A minute of perfection was worth the effort. A moment was the most you could ever expect from perfection.” In a short moment, Mark came and went. It seems as if the time has quickly been evacuated between the moment of his 2am CMH arrival and finally seeing him wave goodbye. I could write of […]

“Satisfaction is the death of desire” remains one of the life lessons that I’ve found to be quite true. In this sense, I must confess that I’ve found it to be true — with a catch; I’ve personally found it to be true, but do not feel that the statement is all-encompassing or immune to […]

Every time I open up the blogging app on my iPad, I’m reminded of a previous blog I wrote where I stated “Dr. Seuss remains one of my favorite authors…” and it always provokes some memory of a phrase or picture he drew in one of his books. One of the things I’d like to […]

We live in a world where it’s somewhat difficult to identify what it means to be a man. However, one of the most pathetic forms of life on this earth is the individual who feels the need to physically beat a woman in order to feel like a man – or simply the one who […]

This recent trip to Columbus has proven to be quite the eye-opener for me, even if it’s only internal. I have a very difficult time explaining the feeling of experiencing identical situations and actions with a completely different life situation at my fingertips. Same sauna, different day. Same cup of coffee, different mindset. It’s inexplicable, […]

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