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I’ve mentioned our current generation as “Generation ADD” in previous blog articles. In the specific context which I mentioned the generation, it was written as a negative. However, I’ve realized that this generation is one where those with attention disorders are actually on the advantage, rather than at the disadvantage. I can only imagine some extra-gifted kid running around a one-room schoolhouse, going crazy because the teacher only wanted to focus on one subject at a time. In this society, that kid is now driving a car, talking on a bluetooth, navigating to an unknown destination, texting his friends, and updating his social network profiles. While it may sound like a far-off idea, it’s actually something that happens on a daily basis in our world. Now, when you begin to realize this gift can be tamed and made to work for you, then you are really onto something…

I’m staring at a little kid, no more than 7 years old, drinking a venti frappechino at Starbucks. The cup is almost as large as he is. I’ll admit ADD can be a gift, but do we really need to help spur its occurrence in children?

Now that I’ve had my introduction, I’d like to walk into the main event of the evening. The…topic.

Over the past few years, I’ve written a lot about the process that goes on as I’ve been transitioning from young man to a man. There have been ups and downs, highs and lows, moments of victory and defeat; it’s been quite the roller coaster. One of the things I’m learning to enjoy now is the idea of independence and the ability to do the things I want to do. It definitely dawned on me today that there aren’t many things restricting me from doing what it is that I want to do. Rather than actions, I mean more of the direction we are able to take with our lives.

As I was pondering Dallas, and whether or not to move there, Mark told me “Aaron, do you want to do this?” “Yes” I replied. “Then do it.” And, just like that, it was settled.

More or less, I’m realizing there is motion to my life. Instantly, I think back to a moment, in Ohio, where I was laying on my bed and praying for guidance for my life; not knowing what direction things were going, how I was going to get through the month, and unsure if I was on the right track to begin with. While this happened on a very regular basis, this one moment sticks out more than the others. It was a moment of complete uncertainty that robbed me of any ability to stand walk, be confident, or find any self-surety, as I did not have answers for any of the questions that screamed at me.

Things are different now.

I don’t know exactly what happened along this process, nor would I want to somehow try and figure out how things happened as well as they did, but my life has begun to take shape and form itself into something that I can be proud to walk through.

One of the things that has changed most is that I am now in more of a position to choose what routes and options I would like to pursue. In the past, I felt at the whim and mercy of others who offered opportunities, projects, and paychecks. I followed, rather than led confidently. What has changed is that I am now able to make clear decisions about who I am as a person, where I am going, and what is required to get there.

Several opportunities have opened up that are enabling me to get away from working strictly on web design, and allowing me to instead use other skill sets to generate business opportunities in diverse regions that provide a better financial base than simply doing client work. I won’t go into details about this, because – quite frankly – it’s not important to this topic. The topic at hand is the change from boy to man.

To be somewhat transparent with you, the unseen reader, it means a great deal to me that these opportunities are surfacing. It’s somewhat hard to explain, and I’m not sure that it needs to. What I am beginning to understand is that others have helped watch, mentor, guide, and consult with me on how to become a successful entrepreneur, and these same people are now willing to take chances to offer me integral roles of their ventures. It’s almost like training a kid how to drive a car, then asking him to drive your 7-Series. Trust.

I’ve made a great deal of mistakes in the past. This cannot be denied. However, I am praying for grace, mercy, and wisdom as I move forward in the next few months. The future is indeed bright. However, there is an insurmountable measure of risk that tends to walk right next to opportunity. You can’t have one without the other.

Time for a leap.

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