In light of the fact that life never slows down as we grow older, I’m realizing it tends to be grouped together in chapter-book format as we look back on past memories. After seeing many of these memories come together in a unique storybook format, it leads me to wonder what the next few chapters of life will be as I have the opportunity to live through them as the main character. In the grand scheme of things, it’s exciting to think of yourself as the main character in an epic journey, titled “Life” as you experience grand stories, epic battles, and even the storybook romance so many hope/pray for.

That being said, I’ve been realizing that several chapters of my life are coming to a close as I press onward to new ones. While these new discoveries don’t seem too significant to me, it’s dawning on me that risk/adventure aren’t events we encounter from time to time, but a discipline that becomes developed when one exercises this proverbial life muscle. David didn’t kill giants before he killed lions. And something tells me he was probably getting yelled at by his mother for one too many sparrows falling to the ground. Perhaps David knew that one day he would be slaying giants. I don’t think so.

Instead, I believe David put his sling to kill that which was in front of him at the given moment, regardless of the size, odds, or scare factor. Many of us long to be King/Queen, yet stop ourselves when we are still in “bird” mode, rather than moving onward and constantly pushing ourselves to be challenged. I can assure you David would have much rather killed a bear than calmed down an angry King. He was obedient with what he was given, when he was given it, regardless of the reason behind it.

One can’t think of the giants ahead, because they may never come. Instead, one should focus on the the birds, bears, and lions that present themselves in this life. As we find our individual successes and victories in these areas, while also developing the resilience to get through defeat, only then can we press onward toward Kingship. And, in the even that none of us wear the crown of King, we will most certainly have no regrets about living a lifestyle that few others will ever understand, appreciate, or live.

Two letters transform somebody from “victim” to “victor” and those are I, M. I am.

Are you a victor or a victim of your circumstances? Have you made a conscious effort to rise above who you are, where you are, why you are, and where you may currently be going?

I have written many motivational blogs in the past, with or without understanding of the truth behind what I was writing. However, today I write to you as a different man who has had my share of failures, victories, devastating hurt, and also success. These words are no longer foreign tongue to me; speaking them in hopes that I, too, may live in such a manner. No, friend, I have tasted (even if only for a small bit) the fruit of the discipline of risk, determination, and stubbornness to quit.

Success is quite possible, though rarely probable. Failure is avoidable, while always breathing down your neck. Leadership is created, not born. Excellence is worked for, not given. And victory is something to be cherished, rather than thought to be deserved.

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