Why you haven’t fallen in love…yet

My mother once told a story about the day her father took the family to the local ice cream parlor. As they sat down at the table, her Father asked what sort of ice cream the children wanted.

Without skipping a beat, my mother blurted:

“I want a vanilla ice cream cone.”

He took note of her order, as the other children told their Father:

“Dad, surprise me.”

She saw him return from the counter with one vanilla ice cream cone. In his other hand was a tray, full of extravagant sundaes, all full of delicious toppings.

Have you experienced a similar story in your own life?

Each of us can look at our own lives and identify the moments we got what we wanted — at least, what we thought we wanted.

If you surf, you know the value in waiting for the right wave. Trying to take every breaking wave to shore will leave you without a wave to ride home. Instead, you wait for the right moment that will take you to shore — usually spotted off in the distance.

The reason we have a difficult time ‘falling in love’ is because we put up walls. Rather than drink from the river, we scoff before we’ve come close to the water. 

These walls don’t protect us. They cage us. 

I see a lot of vanilla ice cream cones in the world of love. When we dictate to the universe what we ‘want’, we tend to get what we ask for….usually with a little less. Thus, we settle and accept our cards because they’re ‘just what we were looking for’

As a child, I wanted to meet nothing but my own selfish wants. As an adult, you begin to focus on needs much higher than ‘wants’ .

The root of this issue is trust…or a lack of it. We create filters to sort through people we meet – long before we’ve met them.

Your liver filtered out all of the alcohol you drank this weekend, love. Don’t you think the universe can do your filtering for you?

When we fill our hearts with love, and give – without expectation of return, we develop trust. Each step we take grows trust…in ourself and others.

Don’t chase love. Let it chase you. When it catches up to you, it will knock you off your feet.

Surprise me, Love.

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