More Than Enough

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and counted your imperfections? I’m sure you have, as have we all. Mirrors contain only a small part of what we see; the exterior.

If we use the mirror as our standard of perfection, we will never come to peace with what we see; the more we look, the more we seek to correct.

What other mirrors do you have in your life?

Perhaps your mirror doesn’t hang from the wall, but inside a frame of shame that hides your true worth.

We believe that value doesn’t exist until it is quantifiable and seen. Perhap as a dollar amount, number of likes/shares/comments, possessions, or our public opinion.

Don’t give away the keys to your value.

Don’t give away the keys to your sense of value.

Somewhere in life, we developed a fear of being ‘too much’ and began to hide our light from others. Or, so we thought…

Fire cannot be hidden. It can only burn brighter or extinguish itself. You cannot contain a fire.

You are more than enough, just as you are.

Here’s your daily PLAAT (Practical Life Applications And Tools)

Stand in front of the mirror and say aloud:

“I am more than enough”

Immediately pay attention to anything in you that disagrees with your proclamation. These are the voices that get in the way of our joy – which stems from an internal acceptance of all that is, including yourself.

Continue this exercise as a daily practice.

If you encounter anything that causes you to question your worth, repeat this phrase. As you inhale, tell yourself you are receiving new life, love, and truth about your value.

As you exhale, release all the lies, inadequacy, and voices that no longer serve you. Be free.

You are more than enough, you are.

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