Massage & Love

During my first trip to Burning Man, I learned how to give a massage, from a massage therapist. Since then, I’ve discovered the joy massage brings to others. Even more so when given in an unexpected place or time.

Massage is a gift that involves work, trust, connection, and pain. If your massage didn’t hurt, get a refund.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I’m here, aside from being born. Mans quest for purpose can become an obsession, instead of a journey.

C.S. Lewis writes of a great “divorce” that once occurred between man and Infinite Love.

It is our choices, he writes, that keep us from living a life full of Infinite Love.

In the temple at Burning Man, I wrote a note of intention, to be a “beacon of love” with my words, hands, heart, mind, and strength.

In December, my hands felt sharp pains after giving a massage. I wasn’t sure if it was arthritis or some other ailment.

“Not this.”

Time went by, and the pain subsided. It appeared that my hands just needed to grow stronger; they weren’t used to kneading muscle.

When you give a massage, you are transforming stiff muscles into vibrant life.

All have unique gifts and offerings to share with each other. You don’t have to be wealthy to show love. When you give your love, you’ll find it comes back to you with many friends that become family.

I have seen love flow from behind guarded walls; dispersed in tiny quantities to avoid hurt. I have also seen it gush from an endless river that quenches our darkest thirst. We are the water, as well as the cup.

There is no end to Love.

Why are we here? As Eric Liddell said…

“God made be fast. I feel his pleasure when I run.”

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