Heart of a Warrior

I used to begin every blog with “Featured image by Deviantart” with a link to the photo used. For a long time, I wanted to be able to use my own photos, instead of stock art photos. That time is finally here.

We live in a medicated world, where every pain, ailment, or difficulty has a 1-800-SOLUTION advertisement; offering the promise of a solution to our grief. This feeling of ailment has encouraged us to build walls around our choices, mind, and heart.

Last year, I recall living in a world of fear. It was a terrible place that had no peace, acceptance, or contentment. Every moment was overshadowed by the future; a belief that things would be better, if only I could tough it through the rough days.

Something changed. Paralyzing fear subsided and gave way to life. Worry was exchanged for acceptance of the present moment. And the believe that I was “too much” was transformed into the realization that I am more than enough.

See, acceptance of self is one of the hardest things for us to embrace. Perhaps it’s the keeping-up-with-the-Jones mind set that causes us to feel we will be ‘enough’ when we have enough, or accomplished enough with our life. We will never be ready if we maintain this mind set and withhold our own acceptance of our self until we feel we’ve arrived.

Worriers fear the end is near; inescapable death, looming on the surface. This fear causes paralysis on every dimensional plane of our existence; mind, body, spirit and emotion. It’s like trying to start a car that has been frozen for decades.

Are you frozen?

In the book The Five Rings, the author speaks of the warrior mind set. Instead of fearing death, the warrior embraces it wholly and holds nothing back until that moment of truth arrives. Rather than living in a perpetual fear of death, they charge its proverbial hill.

“Warriors make use of every weapon available to them – and they have no favorite.”

Don’t abandon the idea of a warrior. While we no longer carry swords, we can rest assured that our death is certain. Our weapons are no longer instruments of death, but of life and abundance.

The heart is the greatest weapon a warrior can wield. It is much more difficult to give life than it is to take it.


Our path begins when we realize that we are able to lay down our arms. We no longer have to fight, but walk with our hearts open. We no longer seek to build walls around ourselves, but bridges between others. Shields can only stop arrows. Nothing can stop abundant love. 


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