The Power Of Gratitude


Gratitude is a very simple gift to give yourself and those around you. Two powerful words can change your life.

Thank you.

These words must be followed by a spirit that is willing to receive what has been given – with no thought of future return or compensation for the deed. This is important.

Gratitude is a mindset of acceptance. You could never repay the universe for the beauty of a sunrise; gratitude is the only way to show your appreciation.

Perhaps it’s the chicken before the egg, or the egg before the chicken, but I’ve found that the attitude of gratitude doesn’t live alone. It is accompanied by a mindset that appreciates giving as much as receiving, and capable of distinguishing between the two.

Marcus Aurelius wrote about good deeds, suggesting that we ought to be like the grapevine in our good deeds to others; creating something wonderful, only to move forward along the vine without thought of looking back.

I’ve learned that when you expect compensation for your good deeds, you often get what you expect. When you complete a good deed and expect nothing in return, the Universe tends to pay attention to these acts.

Tomorrow morning, instead of hitting the snooze button, try to wake yourself up by counting the things you have to be thankful for. You’ll discover so much more to be thankful for than you first thought.

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