“I could tell you of my adventures yesterday – said Alice, a little timidly – but I wasn’t the same person then.”

I’ve been down the rabbit trail in every element of my life. Drugs. Sex. Alcohol. Brutal honesty. Of those four, the last one is the hardest to maintain…while also being the most rewarding and capable of creating a long life full of love.

I don’t need to jab a needle into my arm to realize that certain paths aren’t for me. And I don’t need to go down a path in this life that will wreak havoc and trauma on myself and those I love. These paths could be anything from the wrong career to dealing with anger issues. We all have our vices and predispositions to actions that can compromise us from experiencing an abundant life.

Staring at my little brother and giving him a talk about taking care of family and making the right choices; stating he was to write an essay about his respect for family love. In that moment, I saw my father in me. It wasn’t the worst of his behavior that I saw, as I’ve seem on several occasions. Instead, it was his best. My best. My best possible outcome.

Love. It supersedes all…at least, it should. In many cases, it gives way to hatred because humanity chooses to hate instead of love. It’s why bombs get dropped on innocent people…or in the heat of an argument.

We are human, first. Family, first. I don’t hate my brother because he doesn’t like eating artichoke. Yet, we often find ourselves hating those around us, directly or passive aggressively, because their ‘artichoke’ doesn’t match ours. Artichoke, in this case, being anything from belief to political orientation.

How many family gatherings in the world were ruined because of political arguments? Religious differences?

Love. Love. Love.

Take a leap of faith and embrace love. I am.

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