Choices. Choices. Choices. I remember one of the first moments I had to myself in Dallas. Sitting on the porch of the Starbucks on Gaston Avenue, on an evening that must have felt too hot to be outside. I didn’t really care. In fact, I was too excited to simply be in the city to realize the Starbucks I was sitting at would soon be one of my least favorite stores to have visited. Poor service and rude baristas don’t go very far in my book.

That being said, I’ve had a lot of experiences here that have been important in my development as an entrepreneur, man, and even lover. I no longer believe life to be ‘hard’ and worthy of nothing but suffering. In fact, the opposite is quite true; i believe life to be easier than we make it out to be, and capable of delivering great reward to those who know how to play the game.

We’re at an interesting cultural intersection, where adults are having the opportunity to make their own decisions about beliefs they were taught as children. From the individual right to marry and have true love, regardless of gender preference, to the belief and mind set that toking a bong will send you six feet under. Over 5 million people die every year from cigarettes and alcohol – zero deaths have ever been recorded from marijuana.

There’s been a losing cultural war to protect the ‘sanctity’ of marriage and prevent homosexual individuals from getting married, regardless of whether or not they truly love each other. The reason its a losing cultural war is that for all of the right-wing picketers, holding signs about the ‘sanctity’ of man-woman marriage, our celebrity role models are showing just how ‘sanctified’ marriage is with 12-hour wedding lifespans that make a complete mockery of the idea.

We’re getting older and realizing not all that glitters is gold – or not all that appears hellbound is really headed south.

Love is a factor in the universe that we often don’t give enough credibility or strength. It’s capable of lifting a car off of a child – by an old woman – and enough to make people do very, very crazy things that seem to defy all of the odds. Love plays by its own odds. 

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