Shuffle. Shake. Remix. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Blink. Shake. Wake up. Years gone. Time flies. Wrinkles appear.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Twenty-six. 26. Time flies.

Stop the boat.

It drives me crazy when I hear people who insist they have ADD, ADHD, or other forms of attention disorders, simply because they have a difficult time concentrating on minute details – while still able to maintain a fully productive scheudle. I’ve decided to try and tackle my concentration challenges head-on this year with a more healthy schedule and designated ‘shutoff’ hours for my computer and work-related tasks.

Somebody once told me “You don’t understand…I don’t have hateful perspectives. I have religious perspectives.” and they were sincere in their statement; fully believing their hateful views to somehow be excluded from being viewed as hateful and full of two-faced bigotry.

That’s exactly the issue many people deal with; they really believe themselves to be doing the ‘right’ thing.

[tweetable]Spiritual abuse is a very real topic and issue, capable of altering the mindset of an individual for many, many years.[/tweetable]

Often, the worst forms of spiritual abuse are dealt at the hands of parents, believing themselves to be doing a loving act by indoctrinating their children with harmful views and world perspectives not rooted in reality. My childhood was chock full of videos such as “a thief in the night” – LINK Here:

I’ve been told, countless times, to simply ‘get over it’ and ‘move on’ with my life. However, it’s not my life that I’m concerned about. It’s the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of others who are growing up at the hands of abusive parents, pastors, and others who indoctrinate them with very harmful perspectives and views of the real world.

Jesus Camp – LINK Here:

What hurts like the hell I don’t believe exists, is that I continue to try and build bridges between my very own family, only to have a smiling loved one tell me “this is what Jesus told us to expect…that family be torn apart because we’re following him” with a big grin on their face.

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