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Every single day is a reminder that life is blowing by at a rapid rate, and I often feel as if I am attempting to sink my nails into the screeching fast-paced rate at which time is blurring past our faces. Stop the boat.

I saw an interesting graphic the other day that reminded us that our life is our own to live, love, and make the most of.

The perpetrators of injustices in our lives can only be held accountable for so long before one is reminded that they must ‘get over’ the events that occurred previously. [tweetable]It’s this choice that decides between a victor and a victim.[/tweetable] I could go on one of my infamous ‘soapboxes’ about this topic, but will refrain from doing so in the interest of time.

discus11I recently bought a large aquarium to house some ‘discus fish’ – a type of fish I’ve always wanted to own. Discus fish aren’t cheap, I’m coming to learn, coming in at nearly $60 per fish!

Before putting these fish in my new tank, I have to ‘cycle’ the tank with 10 small goldfish, who will poop enough in the tank to create a chemical balance that the new fish will be able to live comfortably in.

If I saw my goldfish slowly dying off due to unfavorable living conditions in the water, I’d be a fool to drop $XXX on Discus Fish, only to send them to a watery doom.

No amount of love in the world could change the fact that I was sending these beautiful fish to their peril.

Life is short. As an agnostic, I realize that my actions are not held contingent upon the pending reward of heaven; acting as a motivator to encourage me to live a certain way. That being said, I also live a normal life without the threat of a fear of hell.

This being said, the world begins to look much different when you realize, and accept, that this might be the best it’s ever gonna get.

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