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While reading a blog written by an individual of a religion-I-shall-not-state, I was saddened – horrified, really – to read as the writer so callously explained massive acts of genocide executed by ‘god’ or those who claimed to follow it. god has no gender.

“god waited over 400 years until the optimal time to execute his perfect judgement and destroy the land and its inhabitants.”

I am at a point in my life where I give little care for what religion or faith somebody chooses to be – or maintains as a direct result of their childhood indoctrination, and care more about the fact that there’s a lot of finger-pointing going on that matures over the years into AK-47 pointing and the dropping of bombs on children – or in the case of biblical genocides…with infants being mercilessly slaughtered with crude weapons.

There’s no ‘nice’ way to slit the throat of an infant – it’s wrong. There’s also NO circumstance under which that action is justified.

If god were to whisper in my ear and tell me to slaughter a people group, and be sure to target pregnant women and infants…so that there isn’t a chance of the land being re-populated by such wicked people….I’d tell god to go to the bathroom and wash his mouth out with soap and stop being such a maniacal, twisted tyrant.

What sickens me is the outright two-faced nature of our society. Loony right-wing activists will picket abortion clinics (or in the case of Eric Rudolph, you blow them up) in order to ‘take a stand’ for the sanctity of life…

These activists only drop their signs, covered with mutilated fetus bodies, used for nothing more than shock value – although live birth really isn’t much more of a sight to observe than the fetus they straddle around a ruler… pick up their M16’s and ship off to war where they can pump rounds of .50 caliber machine gun bullets into men, women, and children. LINK – Collateral Murder

We stick photos of a starving kid in a 3rd world country to our refrigerator – kindly provided by a ‘non-profit’ organization that takes over 50% of your ‘donations’ to fuel their expensive salaries and Class-A office suites.

If you want to feed a hungry kid, you don’t have to go as far as Africa. Throw a rock in America and you’ll hit hundreds of impoverished children.

Yet…we don’t want to help these people….because that may put too much of a ‘human’ face on the people we’re helping, and we’d be convicted as we realize the $19/month we send to Uganda doesn’t even cover the appetizers we eat every time we go to a restaurant.

What it really boils down to is the desire to reduce these children – real, living, human beings – down to a ‘convenience’ that we ‘take care of’ every month along with our $139/month internet/cable/phone bill.

[tweetable]In the society ruled by “an eye for an eye”…everybody eventually goes blind.[/tweetable]

And that’s exactly where we’re at.


Devoid of love.

We’re more comfortable judging those we’ve never met — or dropping a nuclear warhead on their homes — than we are trying to settle our differences and see each other for what we really are; fellow human beings…one large global family that has been fighting a fierce family feud for all too many years.

The feuding must end. Compromise will have to be made. And perhaps someday our lives will be run with peace and love, rather than hateful fear and judgement.

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