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I want to create the innovative, interesting, unique, beautiful, and indispensable.

Life is far too short to be missed. Yet, it happens right under our noses every single day. We/I simply don’t take time to notice and participate in the many experiences life has to offer.

I’m constantly reminded there are no ‘training’ courses in life for how to deal with the events that get thrown our way. Sure, there’s a Dummy guide for everything…except for the things that count, such as keeping a promise, making somebody smile, mourning a loved one…being a man.

There’s something beautifully simple about All Of Me by John Legend. I really, really hate to comment on #trendingtopics or cultural media feeds. However, the thing about this song is that it grabs you as soon as you hear it; compelling you to listen to the words. Examining your life after hearing the words is only natural.

If you’re going to do something well, there’s simply no way to avoid shortcuts. We often want to icing without eating/baking the cake. A diet pill culture, we’re obsessed with results and overly-quick to forget that great things take time, focus, and dedication.

When Cliff Notes seem daunting, you’ve got to wonder at what point we lost our priorities.

“If you had no shortage of money – what would you do?”

I’d write. I’d write books, short and long. I’d write short books to help young men grow into the kind of men we need in our culture. I’d write about religion from the perspective of leaving it and the recovery process. I’d also write specifically for the christian audience about ways to apply faith to their lives; not simply leaving it at church on Sunday. I’d write a book about growing up without a father. I’d write about entrepreneurship and productivity. There’d be a full line of books, eBooks, and webcasts.

I have no excuse not to complete and live my dream.

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