Even the greatest among us were never really original. Most of the originals ended up bankrupt, dead, or excommunicated.

She’s standing on the edge of the overpass. Wondering if he’ll ever jump in. in. In. Take a leap for me, baby. I’ll catch you. what will hurt you won’t kill me. Floating. Ascending. Suspended. Perfect in its beauty. Untainted. The crystal stems of golden liquid, bubbling over the edge of the monogrammed tablecloth. Royalty. Splendor. Love.

In my mind I live a life that is separate from reality. Between wishing for the best in others or hoping for the best in myself and we, I dream and wonder if life is supposed to be different.

Life flashes before your eyes. Sometimes it’s in the form of a bad decision-turned near-death-experience. Other times it’s in the form of the glistening chrome on a $200,000 Bentley passing by you…whose shimmer quickly fades next to the flash of a child’s smile as they run towards your arms after a long absence; their open mouths making odd little sounds because they cannot contain their joy at seeing their long-lost you return home.

He walks past my apartment, clearly outdressed for this little slice of town. Walking in the sunlight, his smile is steady and continues for the entire duration of sidewalk in front of me.

What I realized this morning is that many of our best memories in life are made with people during times where the rules were bent/broken. After 120MPH, road stripes begin to blur into one single line. 130MPH and you feel like you’re in warp speed. 135MPH and you hit the moment where you know this is not a common occurrence, but something to look back on in fond memories.

downloadIt’s a cold early, early morning in a half-full parking lot. Don’t let go. Please don’t let go. I want this moment to last forever. I want nothing more than what’s right here in front of me. Everything else is secondary. What was once a cause of division and arguments is now displaying itself as a journey to connect and grow together as two individuals with hearts bursting with faith and hope.

Hope that things aren’t as they appear on the surface. But that the most sincere of intentions – hidden deep inside of our hearts – free from the corruption and pollution our world and media is filled with.

True elation. Found in a t-shirt and freezing weather.

I look at the outside world and cringe thinking of all the things that have separated, divided, and prevented. The moments where a man lashes his brother, sister, or mother. Words are worse than whips.

We are united in our human chemical makeup – fragmented through our human nature.

Heart beating. Pounding. I’m calm as a cloud.

Sitting on my patio and realizing my second chair should be filled.

It takes very little to divide individuals. We’ve done it for thousands of years through our differences, wars, persecution, execution, religions, politics, personality types, and human weakness.


Glory for the ‘howevers’…

However, it’s the best in us that connects through these differences.

I’ll be honest, I have a lot of anger and frustration about the way I was raised and things that happened (or didn’t happen) during my childhood. Yet, when I think about the state of where my life is at right now, and the tools I acquired during my childhood that were 110% responsible for much of my current state in life, I can only be grateful.

That being said, I am also able to see parts of my personality, mainly stemming from my qualities, that came from the hearts of my parents. The desire to give until it hurts…an embracing kind of love…forgiveness… appreciation for quality and function.

There are too many to list.

What i do know is the best in me is directly related to the best in my parents and those who have mentored me over the years.

You and i could fight all day about the minor details; where we are going, how we get there, who’s driving, etc. Yet, all of these things are secondary when we factor in the fact that our vehicle shines in every way that matters…and even a few ways that don’t.

I say we both go to the kitchen and whip up something the world has only seen through the possibility found through the lens of Hollywood.

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