Global defense budget in billions ($)

Watching a documentary about World War II, I’m a bit flustered at the realization that our entire world seems much more interested in killing itself – and each other – than in maintaining peace and unity. The chart on the right shows  the global defense budget, with the United States of America prominently in the lead with over $640 Billion – with a B – spent each year.

Experts calculate it requires roughly $30 Billion annually to end global hunger. 

Endless leaders, politicians, religious figures, and tyrants have promised a brighter future, better world, safety, security, and peace for all…while drafting documents that, upon execution, damn the lives of thousands…millions to death and execution.

It’s uncomfortable to imagine the thought of a child being burnt, alive, to their death. It’s far more uncomfortable to see photographs of young children covered in radiation burns from atomic warfare; their flesh blowing away in the wind as they realize all of their loved ones are nothing more than a memory.

There becomes a point where one simply can’t continue to hear the bullshit propaganda behind those who preach global peace, while leading the charge behind military-executed massacres and acts of horror.

“Retaliation” and “response” have replaced the reality that is called “murder” were it to be completed at the hands of a civilian.

We forget that even the land we, in America, live in was taken from its inhabitants with the price of mass genocide and atrocities we very easily forget.

In a recent poll, over 50% of the global population is unaware of the occurrence of the holocaust.

As I write this, I’m watching a restored WWII video of a soldier execute a civilian in front of his family. A scene made shockingly distant because it is on television; mashed between paid commercials and corporate advertising.

At the end of the day, we are far more interested in putting a bullet in the head of those who are different than we are – as seen countless times throughout the course of human history – than we are to lend a hand or share a meal.

Until our thirst for absolute power, control, and the feeling of “I’m right. You’re wrong.” is put aside and our differences can be cherished as diversity, the world will never change. And there will continue to be countless images of war-torn children, families, and a growing sea of tears, callously plodded through by the bloody hands of those we’ve elected into power; who routinely kiss one baby for the photographers, while dropping a bomb on another to further line their pocketbooks and political agenda.

We are the people.

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