Ironically, these past few months have been the most sparse I’ve been with blog writing. I’m finding that sometimes we go through experiences in life that are best kept under our hats, so we can process them fully.

I learned this lesson on Saturday, after watching my beloved iPhone go up in smoke (literally) as it caught fire during a camping trip. I appreciated the opportunity to see the famous redwood forest without the burden of carrying a phone; creating memories I’ll be able to draw upon the way I see fit, rather than what Instagram filtered the shot to be. It is, in fact, possible to navigate in California without aid of a GPS unit.

Settling in, there are a lot of people that come to mind. Names, faces, memories, and moments spark at random intervals during the days/nights. These people invoke the desire to offer feelings of gratitude, apology, forgiveness, affirmation, surrender, and respect. I’m reminded that we’re little more than the creation others have given; contributing their time, wisdom, effort, emotion, and love into each and every one of us.

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