Round trip

They’re a saying “life imitates art” and I have to agree with new depth and appreciation as I’ve gotten older. As with art, you learn to appreciate the value behind a ‘true original’ and discover the joy of the ‘story’ every time you hear a new one.

A composer (poorly paraphrased) stated “I’ve spent so much time studying the work of others that I can no longer create my own music; every time I write, the work of Bach, Brahams, and Mozart comes instead of my own.”

There are countless books, motivational videos, and predetermined paths for us to tread. The most incredible times happen when you pick up the proverbial machete and cut through a path that has yet to be formed. Every now and then, it’s nice to look back and discover others have taken similar steps on this path. More exciting is when you see the break into a new path from the one you’ve cut. All of those sleepless nights, tearful bloodshot eyes, sacrifice, and risk was worth it; somebody was able to come that much closer to their own dreams, because they were able to take the new grounds that were paid for in full by somebody willing to exchange their life for it. Greater love…

Innovation. Exploration. Discovery. Mistakes. Risk. Reward. Heartbreak. Euphoria. Connection. Creation. Life.

Sitting on my patio in Dallas, it feels as if the world has turned in front of me – while I’ve sat and watched – for nearly two years.

During these years, it felt as if my supply of oxygen was being slowly cut off. It was very hard to pinpoint the answer as to ‘why’ this was the case. Momentary distraction was all that I could find during these times. And I jumped into these distractions with reckless abandon.

That restricted flow of oxygen was, in fact, my own damper on the vibrance of life I’ve been blessed with; the hunger to live. I mean, to really live…

Society has embraced the concept of diversity, without really understanding what it is we claim to endorse. We often don’t truly promote diversity; we promote labels and champion our public acceptance of them, while wholly denying our own right to live our lives in a way that is unique and special to us – individually.

Personally, identifying with this assimilating process was a strangling grip that seemed to increase in intensity. Pursuing polish and intricacy instead of passion and intimacy.

Sometimes the most simple solution is the most beatiful – as I watched a documentary of underprivileged high school students beat a collegiate team from MIT in an underwater robotics competition; using <$1000 of equipment to create an underwater robot that beat the MIT team at its own competition; with full financial backing and resources from sponsorship, with EXXON stickers proudly covering their 2nd place craft.

On July 3rd, I stepped onto an airliner and had a momentary realization that my life would no longer be the same once I got on board that plane. Nothing could have expected me for the weeks that would follow.

These are my last few nights in Dallas, TX. And I’m enjoying them thoroughly, with a new view of the outside world and a refreshed desire to create, innovate, and – most importantly – love.

I’ve discovered a lot of wonderful people, places, products, and experiences over the years. Each and every one of these experiences felt ‘right’ the moment the connection was made.

Now, I’ve found my city. Hello, SF.



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