This is probably the longest I’ve gone without blogging. Even in the dense forests of Northern Laos, I took time to pen down a few thoughts. The past few weeks/months have been an interesting journey…to say the least.

Growing older, I realize the value behind the statement in Alice In Wonderland – “I could tell you of my adventures….”

This past weekend, I embarked on a camping trip that would permanently etch itself into my mind, for a variety of reasons. On Sunday morning, I realized I had gone nearly two days without taking a look in the mirror. Rather than worry, I realized how liberating it was to shed the fear of external judgement and simply be where I was at, exactly the way I was.

“Being me” is something many people struggle to do. It ought to be the most natural thing in the world; being yourself. But, it is not. When one realizes their self-expression doesn’t necessarily fall in line with the views and appearances of those around us, insecurity and doubts often replace courage and adventure from our palette of attitudes.

I previously blogged about my life being composed of ‘all new ingredients’ and I wasn’t at all prepared for what that would look like. It looks a lot like love.

Love. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Joy. Happiness. Laughter. Appreciation. Sharing. Community. Encouragement. Peace. Contentment.

What I’m learning is that a beautiful heart/mind is so much more to be desired than an exterior that’s well-put together. “You have a very beautiful soul” is a comment three separate people gave to me in a single day. That made far more impact to me than any compliment or comment anybody has ever given on the surface-level things in my life.

For years, I’ve been so focused on my entrepreneurial journey that I sometimes neglected the fact that inner growth and development is far more important and critical to success than spending all-night sessions working on a new business plan.

The freedom to ‘just be’ with those I’m with is a new freedom I’m embracing and jumping in to, feet-first.






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