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Back. Guess who’s back. Whose back. Back. Back. back. Back. Back. Back. Back. Back. Back. Back.

it’s time. Time. Time. Time. Time. Time. Time. Time to let go. Let go. Years. They turn into a journey and you may find where you are going isn’t where you first wanted to go.

Shift. Adapt. Redirect.

It’s perfectly ok, baby.

There’s a growing divide in the world that’s causing a sensational split between those we come in contact with every single day. Whenever I go to a concert, I look around and think “Where do these people come from?” because they aren’t the people I’m running into on my daily runs to Target or proximity-based workout partners at the gym. They’re just…there. When the concert ends and the lights go down, these people go home.

Going out to eat, I do a mental calculation based on the type of tip or compensation I hand over to these people I come in contact with. I begin to realize that the world is becoming a more expensive place to simply live.

$200 for a prescription. With insurance.

It’s not that things are going to get “ugly” as many people I have gotten to know believe. Instead, reality is going to hit that this way of living simply isn’t sustainable or acceptable. And…at some point — people have got to take responsibility for their lives and the quality of it, without depending on any government, neighbor, or politician to save them.

Stuffing down your subway sandwich while preaching to others against the death-traps of not doing cardio. I’d sooner scrub my floors with those pieces of bread than with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser™. Commercialized poison.

What all of these commercials fail to show it the “why” for why we should pay attention to the pitch they are selling. For example, they show the overly sophisticated iPad-trading 40-something year-old who has his portfolio in perfect working order.

So, after you take Viagra™ and perfect your E-Trade™ portfolio in your Wells Fargo-funded home , then what?

Happiness. Quality of life. Peace. Love. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Charity. Community. Inner achievement. Accomplishment. Family. Laughter. Joy. Sharing. Unexpected acts of love. Kindness. Selflessness.

While these qualities may or may not be part of our evolutionary fabric; pieced together by the woven threads of message we receive on a daily basis, I believe them to be some of the components for a well-rounded and happy life.

Perhaps I’ll live to be 105 or even 52, I want these pillars to be the foundation and structure that my life is built with.

I’m back.

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