Captain’s Log

In The Empty Hourglass, my grandfather chronicled the tale of his life; an epic I’ve continued to draw strength and inspiration from long after he passed away. He left a legacy with that book, and he made an investment in the future generations that would one day read from its pages.

This weekend, I had the privilege of watching Atlas take his first steps. It was a very special moment, shared only between Dad and Son – something I will never forget.

It struck me how quickly Atlas is growing up. It seems like only yesterday that he was born…

Childhood goes by quickly, and it will be in the rearview mirror, as a parent, before I know it.

I’ve learned a few things as a parent this year. One of them is that parenting gets easier, the better job you do as a parent. Simply put, when you put in the effort and practice, the outcome is a child that’s well-behaved and respects you.

Even at a young age, kids know when a parent is in control. They know who the ‘boss’ in the room is. Most parents wrestle with this, because they confuse punishment and discipline. Even infants will pull away from an abusive parent (emotionally, physically, etc.) and try anything they can to get away from the parent.

Yesterday, it melted my heart to watch Atlas walk across the room to give his Dad a hug. It means something to me because he chose to walk across the room to give me a hug; I didn’t have to hold him down to give him a hug, or press his face against mine so he wouldn’t pull away….

Love means something when it’s given…

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