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[quote]It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him.[/quote]

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I woke up this morning, the words “There’s no tomorrow” immediately came to mind, as I pondered whether or not to sleep in a bit further or get up to start my day. Before my feet hit the floor, I already had one new work prospect and a hankering for a can of SLAP! energy drink

Recently, I’ve had several pointed conversations regarding the subject of religion and faith. I separate the two because there’s a great distinction between the two. Religion doesn’t need faith to exist. And faith doesn’t need religion to exist. I have lost several relationships because of the divide between faiths – or lack thereof. Looking into her eyes, I saw a future. Two hearts, torn by religion. If the relationship between man and woman is something originally created by the Creator, what business does man-made religion have getting in the way of it?

I lost several relationships because of differences in faith. The most heated arguments in our family have come from differing religious viewpoints. The abrupt end to a ‘sinful relationship’ I was in caused enough of a ripple to give somebody an eating disorder, only to be met by pats on the back from those around me who applauded my decision to jump ‘back’ into sexual purity. She never deserved that. Nobody deserves that.

The acceptance of religious debates, persecution, and social prejudices is completely unacceptable. Religion may serve as a device to guide those who require a framework and structure for living, while altogether destroying others in the process. Until we find the day where don’t hear of the priests and preachers getting caught with their hands down some kids pants, I think we have much bigger fish to fry than whether or not we have to be fully battered – er, immersed – in order to find salvation, whether or not two men/women can love each other, or the optimal position for arm-raising during singing sessions.

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