In Anything

In the beginning…

In the beginning, there was nothing. Before there was a beginning, there was nothing. There must have been nothing, because there is now something. Everything that is once was not.

Before religions, before churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, and tabernacles…the Creator existed. The existence of the Creator has not been altered or affected by the manmade attempts to identify, define, or…control the Creator. Millions have died for their faith, believing they have the answer within them. Yet, these millions are in contradiction to millions of others who would gladly give their lives to their cause.

Theology, doctrine, and ‘personal conviction’ have done more damage than we will ever know. And yet…the Creator is there. We exist.

I’ve removed myself from making any relatively profound or firm statements on matters of faith, as I believe there are many different interpretations. However, I do know in my heart and also my mind that I exist. Nobody can tell me otherwise. And no bullet, threat, or doctrine can convince me that I am not here.

Last week, when I baked a pecan pie from scratch (Yes, really from scratch…crust, too!) I felt a certain connection to the pie in the oven. I had spend time preparing it, doing my best to ensure it would turn out perfectly. While my cooking skills have yet to be refined, the principle of the matter remains; I wanted good things for said pie because I had invested the time into making it. Yes, I could have purchased a pie from the store, but I wanted to make a special pie for a special somebody (Love Valentines day….) in my life.

The critic may say it wasn’t worth my time to have made the pie, as my average hourly working rate made the pie an expensive endeavor to have spent time making. The logical person may have thought it reasonable for me to have bought a store-made pie, as the reduction in quality/taste is marginal compared to the benefit of time and stress both gained/lost. The financial mind may have told me it would be smarter to simply buy a pie, as the $50+ of ingredients (Bachelors don’t keep ‘stock’ ingredients….) proved to be an unwise financial investment for a single pie.

The list could continue…

The pie was excellent. She loved it. And that night I, quite possibly, had the best….moving on.

The intelligence of our Creator would suggest any of these lower-level ‘logical’ reasons for our existence, devoid of loving purpose, might prove to be weak arguments against our seemingly-pointless existence on this planet. However, I can’t buy the argument that says we ought not to exist just because we have the potential of spitting in the face of the Creator, or doing terrible things while claiming they are the ‘will’ of the Creator.

What I see is a beautiful and divine, albeit incredibly confusing, purpose behind our existence that can only exist with a foundation of love so much more pure, elevated, and complex than any of our minds can comprehend, reason for our being, with our being and existence serving as the incomprehensible indicator that there must be some semblance of a loving relationship between Creator and created.

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