The first time I bench pressed 315lb, I was content for about 30 seconds. Next, I set to conquer 365lb. Did it. 405 is next on the horizon. However, sometimes you have to go back and revisit past accomplishments to ensure you are still capable of attaining them, if not improve upon them.

On my last trip to Columbus, I went to the gym with my best friend, Travis Tucker, a Columbus Police Department Officer who I’ve had the privilege of getting to know. As the ritual goes, we always hit the gym when I’m back in town and see if we’re still up to par with our workouts. Travis had recently injured his hand during police training (smashing it into a training partners face, no less) and wasn’t able to press. It had been awhile, but I was determined to hit my old flame of 315lb. After a few warm-up sets (135, 185, 220, 275 ) we stacked three 45lb plates on each end and I knew it was time to get my mind in the game. On the first rep, I felt a sharp pain in my spine; a sore/slipped disk had been bothering me for quite some time. However, I knew there would be no way I could complain of a sore back when somebody like Travis –  a man who fully recovered from having his back broken while serving in Iraq – was spotting me. Three perfect, albeit painful, reps later and I left with an accomplished goal.

There are times where you simply don’t want to continue down a certain path, or feel the urge to procrastinate. Every now and then, the little voice in your head screams loud enough for you to listen….”Tomorrow’s never promised…give it your all.” 

Today was such a day for me. The day started with a burst of intensity that was met with a brutal grind to continue working, drumming up new business, and finishing important tasks at hand.

I’m tired. However, I know today has been milked for every possible second and I’m perfectly content to do it all over again tomorrow.

405, where are you?

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