In the book The Innovator’s Solution by Christensen Raynor, the author discusses the forces, theories, and solutions responsible for creating intelligent, yet disruptive, solutions for creating and maintaining business growth. In one of the early chapters, he caught me with a quote I found to be fairly relatable, stating we are often impressed with successful entrepreneurs’ ability to manage and use their intuition to create high growth companies. Rather, it’s simply watching them effectively apply and employ theories of the right thing to do under various circumstances. End remembered quote.

When it dawned on me to consider looking into the job force for positions in management consulting, I initially felt as if I lacked the experience or ability to jump into such a field. However, as I looked at the requirements and job responsibilities of said consultants, I realized the past few years of my life have been spent doing exactly that; identifying problems, crafting solutions, running beta trials, employing tried solutions, and ultimately finding growth, increase of revenue, and adding value.

Rather than doing these things to a company or corporation, these tactics have been employed to my life, in my life, throughout the course of my life.

Since I was twelve years-old, I’ve found unique and creative ways to make money. From my pre-pubescent work for Spin Master International to my gig working as the right-hand man of former MLB slugger, Lenny Dykstra. While not all of the job opportunities have paid out (some took hefty losses) I’ve seen an upward trend in income, experience, client satisfaction, and personal development.

Since quitting my last official ‘job’ in August, 2008, the past few years have proven to be an incredible experience – something I can be proud of – as they journey of life has trekked me all across the United States…and the world!

This morning, I woke up to an email from a newer client of mine (confidentiality isn’t critical for this particular client/blog) who, after confirming my payment, stated “YOU ARE THE MAN” along with his excitement to begin our project.

The email came in around 6:00am, which happened to be around the time I woke up. Laying there, I read the email and initially thought “sleep in…the day’s off to a good start.” only to be interrupted by the good/bad angel on my shoulder that said “You’ve been through hell. Get a reward from it.” My feet hit the floor and I started my day without hesitation.

It may have taken a month, but my client list is back in full swing and the payments are booked several weeks out.

Earlier, I blogged about the current ‘mess’ I was experiencing. It was a very painful time to have written that. That time is over.

In closing, the early part of my year was filled with frustration and bitterness that much of my life has been spent in a place out of touch with reality; prayer, ‘waiting’, and blind faith were used as poor replacements for hard work, health care, and personal responsibility. I watched, firsthand, as intellect and potential were squashed by those in the church, extending their hands into situations they had no business being in. I saw blind faith, hope, and prophetic words come crashing to a shattered halt, as good men died after ‘credible’ voices preached of their full health recovery and restoration from the pulpit.

These poor experiences put a sharp taste in my mouth, though they served mainly as realization that faith cannot be used as a substitute for reality. It would be a lie to say I’m not bitter at religion and those who cling to it while inflicting death-wounds to those around me. However, I’ve moved on.

Religion, in many ways, prevents many from proper development, acceptance of reality, and being responsible for their emotions. Rather than creating solutions and positive outcomes for poor circumstances, many simply ‘believe’ that things will improve. Belief doesn’t move the stock ticker up. Rather than taking prescription medication, many ‘believe’ they will be healed. Belief doesn’t cure cancer and I have a dead father to prove it. Rather than work and have steady careers, many simply ‘hope’ and wait for the way when the ‘plunder’ of the ‘wicked’ is ‘distributed to the righteous’ while also having their eyes on the hope of eternal treasure. Blind hope doesn’t pay bills. Rather than dealing with emotions and hurt, many simply ‘offer it to the LORD’ and assume that’s where it must be left, as dealing with problems in a ‘human’ manner would be a clear display of poor faith.

I can’t buy it. I can’t buy that we have no control over our lives and are simply blind puppets on a string.

For the first time in quite some time, I am confident that I’m finally in a place of reality; not clinging to blind faith for provision, but actually implementing real solutions. Making money rather than throwing it away to others in ministry. And accepting the fact that all of us have choice, free will, and the ability to make something of ourselves, rather than being helpless puppets controlled by the Creator, for the sheer enjoyment and benefit of those who believe otherwise.

That’s salvation.

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