Valley Shadow

[quote]In the endless universe there is nothing new, nothing different. What may appear exceptional to the minute mind of man may be inevitable to the infinite Eye of God. This strange second in a life, that unusual event, those remarkable coincidences of environment, opportunity, and encounter… all may be reproduced over and over on the planet of a sun whose galaxy revolves once in two hundred million years and has revolved nine times already.[/quote]

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I look back on the past few months, there are many moments that distinguish themselves from others in the peak or valley of the experiences they brought. The peaks are balanced by the valleys and I wouldn’t want it any other way. When you’ve experienced moments where you feel as if you can no longer continue on, the victory is much sweeter and the thrill of the fight becomes addictive.

Talking to a friend of mine who had just been laid off, I encouraged him to define his circumstances – not to let his circumstances define him. It means nothing to give hollow motivation. However, I can tell you of every imperfection in my ceiling after having stared at it for hours on end when times were rougher.

These past few weeks have given me something more important than any sermon, motivational speech, or life event could have possibly given me. They’ve given me confirmation and empowerment. I have fought very, very hard for several years to achieve a measure of success and have pursued many avenues to find it. This past year has brought proof of concept; solid proof of intelligent business model changes that have yielded terrific results.

There’s an individual (actually, quite a few) who owes me a sizable chunk of money. Phone call after phone call, and I realize the person is doing little more than lie to me about the coming money. At the time where I needed it most, I made the conscious decision to not hold my breath for the sum owed, but to identify solutions and methods that would yield income streams. The hard work has paid off and I’m standing tall.


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