Weekends With Azar

Last year, I moved to San Francisco, after four years in Dallas, TX. What brought me here was a job and the prospect of having a different life than the one I had grown accustomed in my early twenties.

As a homeschooled kid that grew into a self-employed career, I didn’t get out of the house nearly as much as I would have liked, which led me to be more hermit-like than I wanted to be.

The bible talks about our existence, as humans, being similar to that of a living body; with different people representing different body parts. This might not make sense to you until you think about the ass in your life. Comprendè?

This year, I’ve grown to know a wonderful group of people that have become my SF family. Family isn’t always the people you share a last name with; it’s the people who give you life and nourishment.

From Burning Man to Lake Tahoe, we’ve had a slew of adventures that have brought me tremendous amounts of joy, laughter, and encouragement. I’ve learned that life is something to celebrate every day, instead of just on the weekends. It’s during the ‘quiet’ times in my life that I reflect and appreciate the goodness these people bring to me.

The body of people in my life have shed light on how powerful the dynamic of Love can be when it’s given freely. It’s people that bring us out of the shells we build around our authentic self.

When you have quiet time to yourself, think about the good in others you know. The next time you see them, you will see the reflection of your affirmative thoughts.





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