Now connected. DIsconnect.

One of my favorite images from Calvin and Hobbes involves Calvin kneeling before his television with a bowl of lukewarm tapioca, representing his brain and consciousness. One could say the same about the internet and the way we are all so ‘connected’ to each other, while missing out on true connection and relationships in the face of our growing list of contacts and social networking friends.

Widescreen television sets can never replace or accurately portray the beauty behind a sunset or the sincerity behind the laugh of a young child.

“Generation MySpace” is the term I’ve coined for the ever-connected social network butterfly; flying from network to network, accumulating thousands of ‘friends’ while lacking human connection. Out of respect, I won’t mention any names. However, the few shining stars I know from General MySpace have really not gone anywhere in life; aging late past their teens and early twenties while never moving out of their house or finding dutiful employment.

But, wow…their Top 8 sure are well picked and they take amazing selfies.

“Life is for the living” has been a quote running through my mind. Fear-based mentalities and misappropriations of what it means to love, have incredibly damaging effects that paralyze and cripple.

Featured Image From Deviantart

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