“We’ve got it all wrong. We should be thankful every day, and have one day to complain!”

My life is beautiful. That could sum up this entire blog entry.

On Thanksgiving, we’re reminded to give thanks for all that we have in our lives; the people, places, times, opportunities and blessings we’ve had bestowed upon us. It wasn’t very long ago that I felt as if my life was crashing down on me, with the ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel being narrowed into a black pinch. With this in mind, I have an untold amount to be thankful for in my life.

Heartbreak, on any level, is not easy to handle. Whether it’s a relationship that comes to a screeching halt or having a venture fail, it’s never easy to walk through the storms of life. What I’ve come to realize is that it wasn’t my heart breaking over the past year, but the box I put my heart in that was broken; it was simply too small.

New people, places, opportunities and mindset have swept into my life. And I am deeply grateful to be in Dallas for this Thanksgiving, surrounded by friends that have become family. I’m renewed to approach every new day with the opportunities that continue to present themselves. Most importantly, I can pause to enjoy this moment. It is strangely beautiful to sit in my apartment and soak in the richness that has poured itself into every ventricle of my life.

Being overwhelmed by the goodness in my life, I’m reminded that none of it would have happened if I had listened to the dark voice in my head that told me to give up. Our heart’s desire to beat is stronger than we give it credit.

I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever quit.

That being said, it’s time to head to a lavish Thanksgiving feast!

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