Lies we hear

Lies We hear


I recently sat down with a friend of mine and discussed the lies that we hear from others on a regular basis. I find it no accident that inner qualities, values and skill-sets are whittled down to dull stubs by the time many of us reach our adult years; it’s easier to comply with conformity than it is to be exceptional.

Our society functions more as a ‘crab bucket’ than we often realize; with the crabs trying to escape the bucket being pulled back in by the crabs more content to accept their fate. It takes great courage to ‘climb out’ and be who you are and believe yourself capable of becoming.

Why we choose to surround ourselves by those who criticize, rather than encourage, is often beyond me. However, I’ve been just as guilty of spending time with toxic individuals. And they have all left their mark on me in one horrible way or another.

Dare to be you.

I encourage you to pursue the passions and dreams in your heart. Instead of looking at what the masses are doing with their lives, ask yourself what you desire for your own. Then pursue it with everything you have in you; fight for your life, because you are.

As I’ve pursued new opportunities in the wake of my life taking some hard twists and turns, I can say that this time is a moment of renewal/rebirth in my life. I am, and will be, an entrepreneur until the day that I die. Walking in the reality of this occupation is quite different than snapping on a button-down shirt and donning thick-rimmed glasses to attend a weekly entrepreneur meetup group.

During my last trip to NYC, we took along a photographer to photo-document the trip and hold several photo shoots. Had I listened to the naysayers who preached “Vanity” and “surface-deep” to my face, I never would have taken those shots, which ended up being nothing short of incredible. Incredible fails to happen when we listen to mediocre.

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