When you’re a  young child, every dark closet is capable of being a forbidden kingdom. Every dog is secretly a war horse, awaiting your noble charge to vanquish the enemy from your motherland. Perhaps it’s just the laundry room being liberated by a golden shepherd and a boy wearing cardboard armour. Dream big, son. Dream big.

People tend to get a lot more boring as they age and systematically check off things they no longer believe in. I’m not advocating for a renewed belief in Santa Claus. However, I think there’s a big part of us that comes alive when we allow life to be magical and special. Every birthday should be celebrated and enjoyed. Because everybody matters and is deserving of one day to call their own.

Walt Disney was somebody who believed in the magic behind life. He filled all of his work with the stories we all want to believe in the most; life, laughter, love, danger, happiness and a happily ever after.


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