“When all of your wishes are granted, all of your dreams will be destroyed.”

I read this quote a very long time ago and have been torn on whether or not it is accurate. Sometimes we crave the accomplishment of something so very much that once we achieve it, we second-guess whether or not our dream was really the right one from the start.

Deep down in all of us is a little part that dies each time one of our dreams fails to become a reality. I’ve had to be really honest with myself as to why I haven’t had the work ethic that I used to employ during the first leg of my self-employment career. It’s because things didn’t happen the way they were ‘supposed’ to happen, and that took a very deep toll on my drive and belief that all things are possible.

Sometimes you need to realize the source of your problem before you can step in to have a solution for it.

I’ve been knocked out this week. For better or for worse, I had to hit the ‘reset’ button for a lot of things. Tomorrow starts a new day. One day at a time. One page at a time.

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