It’s a bit interesting how I happened to stumble upon the ‘featured image’ for this blog post. I recently watched a Burning Man documentary, outlining the process associated with creating the heart-shaped art piece. “Heart-fullness” was the title behind the piece. It was created as a refuge for people to climb inside of the heart and rest on hammocks contained inside.

Sometimes we have storms that knock us off of our feet; unexpected life circumstances come chasing us from when/where we least expect them to occur. The solace and safe place we can find from these storms, ironically enough, is found within the heart. Every logical observation or attempt to settle down these storms is often met with the cold reality that our minds do a very little job of affecting how our hearts feel. “The heart cannot accept what the mind rejects” is a phrase I’ve used countless times in the past. Now, I’m realizing the truth behind the matter is that our minds cannot comprehend or explain what our hearts feel.

I’ve had a couple situations occur very recently that have done a good job of kicking me in the teeth. There may be no more teeth left in my mouth, but I’m still smiling.

Inner peace is rarely found in the midst of calm life situations. True inner peace comes from having an inner sense of calm, security and integrity that cannot be shattered by the attempts life makes to sink our ships. It’s the calm in knowing that even if all of our false senses of security fail miserably, that we will be able to jump out of the sinking boat and paddle – or be rescued – all the way to shore.

Featured Image From Deviantart

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