little ceasar

Hey Blood Brother…

Blink. Wake up, Plaat. Wake up, Plaat. Wake up.

When I was younger, we took endless pottery lessons at the local community recreation center. Prior to putting a clay piece in the kiln, you could reshape and recreate the sculpture you were creating. Sometimes I’d create some magnificent piece (in my mind it was magnificent) only to realize it needed to be slammed against the table and recreated from the ground-up.


Starting over. Sometimes our lives can mimic the creative process of clay. We’re trucking along in one direction only to encounter something that makes us need to start over and reshape our lives. We often fear the smashing process of being smushed against the table and letting the Sculptor recreate the mess we’ve made up until that point.

It’s a bit of a role reversal for me to have friends/family call or stop by my place to ‘check in’ to see how things are going. I’ve always been the one to show up with a takeout meal to help brighten the day of those I love. Receiving love, rather than giving it, has always been a very difficult thing for me to do. I’m not sure why.

I’ve never been a natural quitter. Even at the gym, I’ll throw up and get back to the set I was working on after swishing water around my mouth. However, there’s something different about this period of my life. It’s time to re-engage and check back in…not to who I was before, but to awaken the man I want to be and know myself to be capable of.


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