Speaking with intention

While we are not full-swing into the holiday[s] season, one topic comes to mind that has been heavy on my heart/mind this past year; the words that we speak.

It struck me that our words are just as intentional as our actions; capable of leading us in the path we choose to point them.
In layman terms, our words are akin to the blueprint of a house; it’s the structure and direction we create, to then be followed by our choices and actions. Thought precedes words…but that is another blog for another time.

By paying simple attention to your words, you can transform a significant part of your life with purpose and direction.
Make your words intentional.

What does it mean to make your words intentional? It means to put forethought and planning behind the words you speak.

Before you speak, try asking yourself a few of these questions.

  • What are my intentions with the words I’m about to speak?
  • Am I trying to tear somebody down or backhandedly criticize?
  • Am I using my words to try and appear smarter or better than those around me?
  • Am I trying to steer the conversation towards the next topic I want to discuss?
  • Are my words critical or uplifting?

Being conscious about these motivations to speaking is a surefire way to show consciousness and presence of mind with those around you.

These questions dawned after I took a good, hard look at my own communications and realized many of my words were triggered by insecurity; I wanted to somehow use words to ‘win’ conversations and walk away the ‘winner’ of a conversation, rather than sharing a conversation with others and being mutually uplifted by it.

Silence is golden. You can remain silent – but you can’t return words, once spoken.

A lot happens when we go from being ‘me-focused’ to being ‘we-focused’ – exchanging the selfish inner voice in our heads for the wonderful voices of others around us.

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