I’m not sorry.

As the new year is approaching and we are working on creating resolutions, I like to reflect on the year and ponder the lessons and overall themes learned. One thought kept coming to mind, and I wanted to share the story behind my recent eviction of two words from my vocabulary.

“I’m sorry.”

I decided to eject these words from my vocabulary, because they have become far too common in moments where they don’t belong; regular, everyday occurrences, a far cry from warranting this micro-repentance.

As somebody with a religious upbringing, I learned that ‘repentance’ is the act of making true apology; making a choice to try and never again err like we did. Constant apologies for happenstance events dilutes the moments where repentance occurs.

As somebody with broad shoulders and a knack for bumping into people on the BART, I don’t believe anybody is going to be offended if they don’t hear me apologize for something that’s happened fifty-seven times that morning.

When you’re a constant apologizer, it can easily become instinctual to constantly have an apology on the tip of your tongue; ready to say “I’m sorry” for anything that may come your way. This apologetic awareness-of-self makes it very difficult for you to be authentic and natural.

What the world needs most is people authentic with their lives, granting themselves permission – and those around them – to move past the little mistakes we make and focus on the things of value, without leaving a trail of ‘sorry’ as the memory they leave others.

To constantly live with an apology on the tip on your lips is akin to living in a self-made prison, full of eggshells you don’t want to break with your words, actions, and steps.

Our lives should be the celebration of the beauty we embody by living authentic lives.

Our lives aren’t something we we ought to dampen. Instead, we should live as shining examples of love to those around us, walking in daily appreciation, admiration, and abundance as the magnificent and divine beings we are.

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