These past two days haven’t been the most pleasant. In light of positive circumstances, I’ve been in a bit of a funk/train of thought that’s only now beginning to find any semblance of conclusion. Mind, body, spirit, and heart have begun to be tugged on. And I am beginning to wonder where this rabbit hole is leading.

I was recently reminded of two very important facts of life. The first is that I must remain focussed on my business practices; get to the point, cut the fat, and accomplish the goals I’ve set out for myself. The second, an idea which I thought might contradict the first, is that I must never lose my heartbeat when it comes to dealing with others. Sure, I have made a living by having a service people are willing to pay for. However, few things bring as much joy to my heart as developing a legitimate connection with each client I work with. A client recently wrote me “I’m so glad I decided to pick up the phone and call to work with you” and it absolutely made my day.

That being said, I recently had a situation occur that’s been gnawing at my gut. And I can’t quite figure out a way to make things right. This situation isn’t necessarily work-related. I’ve also had another recent situation where I was able to chat with a client about life experiences, growing up, and the virtues of doing things right. It was a reminder that I need to slow down and smell the daisies; remember the things that truly make me happy. It’s never been about the money, not will it ever, ever be.

Heart of a warrior. I don’t have it. Persistence, yes. Intensity and passion? No. A polite reminder was given me by my younger brother, Mark, that my intensity and focus during workouts is quite pathetic. He’s right. Embarrassed to have been caught cold in this matter. Pick it up, Plaat.

Where the hell is she?

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