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“Even people who aren’t geniuses can outthink the rest of mankind if they develop certain thinking habits”

Thus begins another week-end. This week has flown by way too quickly for my own comfort. Quite frankly, it’s not exactly a week that I’m proud to say happened. The books I’d like to read are bottlenecking behind the books I’m currently reading. And several goals I’ve set for myself are no closer to being reached than the day where I first set them. Sounds like somebody could use a bit of a resurrection.

I’m very much looking forward to the trip back to Ohio this upcoming July. That being said, I’ve begun to learn a lot about those one can actually call “friend” and whether or not it’s possible to count on them. Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve received one phone call from a friend in Ohio. So much for all the time spent with a few people. Rather than beat myself up over it, I’m learning to get over it and accept the fact that friendship is a gift to be earned, rather than something one is entitled to. And I’ve realized this gift has been given too freely to others who have done little to nothing to be deserving of this benefit. On the flip side, it’s made it very easy for me to distinguish who I’d like to see when I return in a few weeks. Gotta love natural selection.

Goals. Goals. Goals. This path, less traveled, is one I enjoy very much. This week, I realized that I am on track to achieving several goals of mine that I’ve been pursuing for several years. Sure, I may not be reading the books I’d like to read, but I can say that several mid/long-term goals are under strong development and being worked on consistently. It’s an excellent feeling. As I draw closer to these goals, I realize the celebration of their acheivement is something I hope to internalize and savor, rather than pour out like cheap wine over the masses. Drink up.

I’ve spent a good amount of time re-reading my grandfathers book. And I’ve realized his life created an appetitein me that I’m only recently beginning to feed. Truth be told, I don’t think it’s possible to live the way he did many years ago. There are some things which have simply been put away with time, civilization, and modern culture. It’s a pity. If more boys knew how to shoot tigers, we’d have a lot more men on this planet. My heart wants to shoot at a tiger that can no longer be found.

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