One of my favorite terms in the world of design is the word ‘restraint’. I first heard the term in 2010 while working with an incredibly talented industrial designer.

As with design, life often emulates the art we view in museums. Sometimes ‘less is more’ can be a simpler way of experiencing life the way they it to be, rather than painting perpetual layers on top of each other; to the point where the layers hide the original image.


Earlier this year, I expressed the desire to have ‘all new ingredients’ for my life. What I didn’t remember to clean out of my pantry closet were a lot of habitual patterns in my own life that often led to an over-saturation of my own mind.

Sometimes there’s a certain beauty behind the simple things we encounter. Nature’s beauty is often swept away underneath the footprints of asphalt and skyscrapers. Man has made thousands/millions of skyscrapers, but has never been able to create a simple flower.

When I moved to San Francisco, I saw a different side of life; calm and quiet, rather than loud and noisy. Beauty within the calm, rather than in the chaos.


Featured Image From Deviantart

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