Silver Spoon

Son, there will be days where everything seems to go your way; you’re riding on top of the world and cloud nine has been far surpassed. These times teach you that it is possible to experience the moments of euphoria that life is capable of bringing. You’re gonna learn in these moments that life might not be so bad. These times make you easily forget of all the hard moments where you weren’t able to hold on any longer. Enjoy these moments, kid, but don’t live expecting every day to be like them.

Kid, you’re also gonna find the days where life’s not exactly a bowl of peaches. You’ll find your hand grabs the stem of the rose, breaking your skin with a sharp poke. Clean up the blood, son, but don’t forget to smell the rose you were crazy enough to pick. Smell the roses, son.

 The smell of the lilac increases once the plant dies. 

Son, remember that life doesn’t owe you a thing. There’s nobody out there that owes you anything you didn’t earn yourself. Remember that you’re the one who has to pave your own path. I can promise you one thing — you will die. You’re also going to reach a point in your life where you’re too old to do the things you could when you were young. And you’ve gotta ask yourself, kid, did you do everything you could when you could?

Did you climb your mountains? Build your bridges? Explore danger, adventure, and risk? Did you take chances? Wager a bet? Kill a lion? Fall in love? Love others? Chase a dream? Have a vision? Take a stand? Protect a victim? Do something crazy? Drive fast? Read great books? Make important speeches? Win a debate? Make somebody’s day? Build a house?

Kid, were you the hero you wished somebody else was for you?

Son, you never know when your day is going to come. You also never know when that wonderful day turns into one that is quite sour. All you can do is be ready for that switch when it comes.

Kid, I’m gonna tell you this once and one time only – I am proud of you. Go knock em’ dead.


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